Shopify vs Wix eCommerce – A 2019 Review

Shopify vs Wix – Introduction

Shopify vs Wix: what’s best?

This article explores the features of both a Shopify store and a Wix store.

We look at the cost, apps, themes, ease-of-use, seo and customer service provided by both, how these two fair in terms of ease of use, cost, and support, then go ahead and click on the video or scroll down to learn more.

Shopify has been an e-commerce platform for a long time. On the other hand, Wix started off as an online website builder but has now integrated an online store option as an add-on. Wix has improved over time and now offers a lot more features and functionalities.

To see the Shopify vs Wix eCommerce review in video form then check out the YouTube video I created on the topic below. For a more detailed, written review, keep reading…

Shopify vs Wix – Themes

Wix Themes

Shopify vs Wix: Wix Themes

When you have a Wix site built, you can’t go from one theme to another. Sadly, the first theme you choose when building your site is going to be the theme you are stuck with throughout the rest of the process.

If you want to change the theme you have to start another website from scratch and then import the data from your old site to your new site. This is a MASSIVE setback.

Shopify Themes

Shopify vs Wix: Shopify Themes

With Shopify, you can switch themes super easily. If you start with a theme and later down the line decide you want to change it, it won’t be a problem.

As mentioned earlier, Shopify has e-commerce at its core. This is also obvious with the way their themes are built. The themes are not only absolutely beautiful, but they also help convert sales. It’s apparent that when these themes are built, sales conversion was kept in mind.

Another major plus point is that Shopify focuses on the customers by making their visiting process as simple as possible.

Again, Shopify wins in terms of theme customization. Their themes win you aesthetically as well as functionality wise.


Shopify vs Wix – Apps

Wix Apps

Shopify vs Wix Wix Apps
Wix was criticized in the past for not having many apps or enough support for online stores.

All that has changed. Wix, on top of being a general website builder, has added store functionality into the platform. There are now more apps and functionality than before. These apps fall into several categories – Social apps, Forms, Booking App and so much more.

To guarantee your site visitors that your website is secure and protected, you can add the McAfee Secure functionality. There is also an option to add Paypal Buy It Now button or integrate metrics to the site. If you’d like to sell t-shirts, you can also add a T-shirt plugin.

Wix offers a lot of apps and functionalities that can enhance your online store. With the improvements we’ve seen with Wix, the criticisms it has received in the past seems to have not existed at all.

Shopify Apps

Shopify vs Wix: Shopify App Store

If you start filtering the most popular apps you will realize that the Shopify App store is kitted up with apps. Similar to Wix, the apps also fall under several categories like Marketing, Sales, Social media and many more.

Shopify’s bread-and-butter is E-commerce. As opposed to Wix, there won’t be many apps on general website development and design. The apps that are available are focused on how you can sell more products in your store. The number of apps you can see under one category outnumbers the e-commerce related apps on Wix. With Shopify you have a lot of apps to choose from that can work for your business and help you be effective in selling more products.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform at heart, where Wix is a general website platform with an add-on for e-commerce. So, it’s only fair to say that Shopify is more equipped with e-commerce related apps than Wix.

Shopify wins in this area.  


Shopify vs Wix – Pricing

Wix Pricing

Wix’s plans start cheap and you have 5 options to choose from. The only setback is, if you want to build an online store with Wix, you need to be on the e-commerce plan at least. This plan starts at $17/month.

If you are just starting out and on a tight budget, you can go with the $17 Wix online store plan or upgrade to the next one which is $25/month.

Shopify Pricing

The cheapest plan you can get with Shopify is $29/month. It’s the most basic plan Shopify has. It has everything you need to have an online store up and running.

I’ll go on to say that Shopify has a wealth of more features for $29 than what Wix has for $25. But if you already have a Wix website and wish to add an online store to it, go with the $17 e-commerce plan for a Wix online store.


Shopify vs Wix – Ease Of Use

Wix Ease Of Use

Wix is an online drag-and-drop website builder.  Anyone with zero to none experience in coding can build a website with Wix super easily. It’s completely beginner friendly. If you know nothing about codes, Wix is a platform complete novices can easily customize.

If you hover on a product in Wix’s products area, the Manage product area will let you see an abundance of options you can work with to manage your product. Wix also gives you an option to add a digital or physical product to the store. These options further prove the amount of customization you can make on a product using Wix.

Shopify Ease Of Use

There are several ways you can customize your store to sell products to target customers.

Shopify lets you edit preset areas on your themes. You can also import products in bulk. In addition to all the basic features, you can add to your product, Shopify also lets you add the product’s barcode. To be able to do an advanced level of customization in Shopify, you need to know how to code.

In terms of general e-commerce functionality Wix doesn’t do that bad. But if you do an in-depth investigation, Shopify takes the lead.


Shopify vs Wix – Customer Service

Wix Support

Wix has a huge help center, covering a plethora of different topics. With Wix, if you need speedy priority support, you need to pay a premium price to get the priority support.

Shopify Support

Shopify has got way more in terms of support. Shopify has a wealth of information available on how to deal with technical difficulties, managing accounts and migrating to Shopify. There’s also a Shopify community where you can access learning resources and look into how other people are using Shopify for their online stores. It also supports the developers who are designing themes and APIs for Shopify.

It helps you with non-technical skills as well.  Moreover, it offers help on topics such as ‘how to sell online’ and ‘how to sell in person’.

In short, Shopify has everything covered. The icing on the cake is the fact that Shopify’s support is live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Shopify wins, hands down, for support.


Shopify vs Wix – Wrap Up

Shopify is a better e-commerce platform to use if you wish to start an online store. It has better functionality and has a wealth of features available. Its prime focus is to sell products online.

Shopify can be integrated with Amazon, Facebook, Messenger, and many other platforms. It can even integrate with your physical brick and mortar store.

Although you should not completely disregard Wix if you are just trying out, or if you already have a Wix website and you want to turn it into a store.

It is going to be difficult for Wix, being a website builder, to target e-commerce the way Shopify does.

If you are a hardcore e-commerce person, go with Shopify. If you are just entering the e-commerce arena, go with Wix. It’s easy and beginner friendly.

If you wish to start with either Shopify or Wix make sure you use these links below for a two-week free trial with either platform.

Create a Shopify store HERE (14-day free trial)
Create a Wix store HERE (free)