Shopify Amazon Integration – Selling on Amazon with Shopify

Do you know you can sell your Shopify merchandise through Amazon? Click on the video or read on to find out how this partnership can impact sales and marketing.

Shopify Amazon Integration is something I recently came to know of. For a Shopify owner, like myself, being able to sell products from my Shopify store to Amazon comes as fairly lucrative in terms of expanding my online business and minimizing expenses on marketing.

Selling on Amazon Through Shopify

Now that it’s possible to sell Shopify merchandise to Amazon, it has widened my T-shirt store’s scope and improves my marketing strategy.

Shopify Amazon Integration

What do you get from the Shopify Amazon Integration?

Shopify Amazon Integration
Shopify Amazon Integration

#1 Automatic Synchronization

By using a plug-in to connect with Amazon, all of your Shopify products will automatically reflect in your inventory in Amazon. The sync will happen in real time. This means that any sale you make on Amazon will reduce your product stock on both platforms, Shopify and Amazon. The same will happen if you have made a sale in Shopify.

The integration reduces your involvement to zero. Here’s another example of how powerful this integration is.

If you have a drop shipper connected to a Shopify store, they too will be automatically conveyed for any new order you get from Amazon. For instance, I have Printful connected to my Shopify store. Printful can then print the t-shirt and mail it to the customer who has placed the order through Amazon, in the same manner it can for Shopify.  

Everything is connected and synchronized. How great is that?

#2 Marketing Cost

Marketing Cost
Marketing Cost

One of the major problems I had with my t-shirt store on Shopify was the marketing cost. I was marketing through Facebook Advertising in order to direct people to my Shopify store. This was essentially costing me money before I made any sales on my store.

On the other hand, if you have all of your Shopify products on Amazon Marketplace, you get to tap a new audience who has the potential to search for your items at no extra cost. This brings your marketing costs down. You would no longer have to pay extra to expand your scope. Unlike what you would have done if you’re selling solely from Shopify.

#3 Respectability

People like me who are not graphic designers but designs shirts for their stores, can have a difficult time making sales. This is  because of the perception of genuineness and authenticity. If it doesn’t look like the real deal, potential customers may opt not to buy because of fear of getting conned.

On the contrary, if your products are on Amazon, there is that level of trust and respectability gained just by using the platform.

People are far more likely to buy a product they see on Amazon versus a store they’ve randomly landed on and have no known brand associations.

#4 Wider Audience

As mentioned earlier, the Shopify Amazon Integration expands the scope of your business. It lets you tap a new audience who are highly likely to buy your products at no extra cost for marketing.

When customers use keywords to search for certain products on Amazon, there’s a high likelihood of your products getting found without any intervention.

Furthermore, you double your reach because you still get to implement the same marketing strategies in Shopify to drive traffic. But on top of that, you are also leveraging on Amazon to bring you more sales.

#5 Amazon Merch Alternative

I got into Amazon Merch when one of my followers, Phillip Stone, mentioned that Amazon Merch is Amazon’s version of drop shipping t-shirts.

Amazon Merch allows you to upload designs on Amazon while it deals with the creation and posting of the products. To join the program, you will need to request an invitation and then wait for authorization.

The problem is that it takes a long while to get an update from the time you’ve sent your request. It has been 2 months already from the time I sent mine. But I still have not received any confirmation about getting accepted to the program.

It is possible that  Amazon is potentially closing down on accepting new invitations on Amazon Merch Program. It instilled a profound interest in people and have made a lot of money from it. There’s also a chance that they’ve put a stop to the program completely.

At this time, people are declined from joining or gets accepted into the program after 6 to 7 months.

Merch By Amazon
Merch By Amazon

With Shopify Amazon Integration, you get to do just that without signing up for the Amazon Merch Program. You can do drop shipping through your Amazon store with providers like Printful.

Shopify Amazon Integration has completely changed my strategy as to how I am going to launch my t-shirt store 2.0. Integration with Amazon is definitely something I can benefit from.

I also plan to split test my Facebook Advertisement. The plan is to have half of the efforts go to my Amazon store and half of them go to my Shopify store. As a result, I’ll get to see if that level of trust that is already there with Amazon changes the results I get.

My gut tells me that Amazon is going to be taking the lead in my case.

Check this link to read all about all the information you need to get going with selling on Amazon through Shopify. You can also sign up to get your own Shopify store at a 14-Day free trial.