Merch By Amazon 2018 Updates – Sell More Shirts With These Latest Changes By Amazon has rolled out some changes in 2018 that are going to help you sell more shirts. If you want to know what these are and how it helps you make more sales, click on the video or read on below.

What Is Amazon Merch?

Amazon Merch is an online platform created in 2015. It was created by the company Amazon Inc, in the USA, which allows designers and creatives from all over the world to sell textile products, specifically branded t-shirts, with their own designs, produced, sold and shipped by Amazon. Content creators are entitled to royalties or certain profits for every T-shirt sold.

2018 Features To Watch Out For

2018 promises to be a fantastic one for content creators on the platform. Amazon has rolled out exciting new features to help you experience better shirt sales in the quickest possible time.
I’m going to share with you some new exciting features I’ve noticed on Merch by Amazon. If you can adequately exploit the opportunities they offer, these latest changes can prove to be game changers.

Daily Uploads

For those familiar with the platform, we already know that Amazon Merch has a Tier system in place (Tier 10, 25, 100, 500 and PRO).
When I started using this program as a Tier 10 content creator, I was limited to one shirt upload a day. When I moved up to Tier 25, the number of shirts I can upload should have been limited to 2 shirts a day. However, I received a notification from Amazon Merch that they have increased the limit. Hence, they’ve given me the luxury of a 5 shirt upload instead. Even better, when I moved up to Tier 100, I was allowed to upload 10 shirts a day.  This was double the previous quota, which was 5 shirts a day.
The improved feature of Merch by Amazon has given content creators the opportunity to scale up their businesses, boost sales and level up as fast as possible. It’s all about numbers on the Amazon Merch platform.  The more designs you have out there, the more sales you are likely to make. With each Tier, you now have more shirt uploads per day, compared to what was previously offered.

Quick level up

Prior to the Merch by Amazon 2018 update, to move from one Tier to another, the required number of shirt sales to close were higher. For instance, there should be at least 10 shirt sales in order to move up from Tier 10 to Tier 25. There’s a need to close 25 shirt sales if the goal is to move from Tier 25 to Tier 100.
The good news is that all this has changed with the Merch by Amazon 2018 update. I was able to move up from Tier 10 to Tier 25 by making just 6 shirt sales. By March, I was able to jump from Tier 25 to Tier 100 by making just 11 shirt sales.
It doesn’t just end there. A lot of content creators out there are doing even fewer shirt sales and scaling up quicker than ever. We’ve seen people move up to Tier 100 after making 3 – 4 shirt sales. Others have also been known to reach Tier 500 after making 50 – 60 shirt sales rather than 100.
As you may have noticed, Amazon Merch is really bringing down the requirements needed to move up the Tier ladder. This allows more content creators to unlock strategic features that can aid them in boosting passive income.

Shirt lifetime

Amazon Merch is programmed to take down any uploaded shirt which fails to make a sale after 90 days (3 months) of upload. It is seen as a nuisance on the platform.
In the Merch by Amazon 2018 update, the shirt lifetime has been increased to 6 whole months! If your shirt doesn’t sell in the 3rd month, you have an opportunity to make sales in the 4th or 5th month before Amazon Merch decides to pull it out from the marketplace.
This increase in shirt lifetime is no doubt, a great way to give content creators a better chance of making sales and being successful on the platform.

Hoodies and Sweatshirt

I was only allowed to sell T-shirts and long sleeve T-shirts from January to April. I was allowed to add hoodies and sweatshirts to my designs when I reached Tier 100.
Now, the Merch by Amazon 2018 update allows content creators to add hoodies and sweatshirts to their designs no matter what Tier they are on. It increased the number of products that can be offered to customers as a result. It also boosts the potential to make a greater income.

Wait Time

If you’ve been following my channel for quite a while, you know that I submitted my application to Merch By Amazon in December 2016. It was only in December 2017 that I got approved. These days the wait time to get approved has decreased. Some are getting approved as early as within the week of application submission.
Merch by Amazon is continuing to improve its features and making changes to enhance the experience.
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