Amazon Merch Chrome Extensions I Use At TIER 500


You might be wondering why are chrome extensions important for Amazon Merch.  Check out my video or scroll down to the rest of the article to learn more.

When I started using Amazon Merch, I had a lot of problem digging through the tools that could possibly be useful for speeding up my progress, leveling up my tier level and making  a considerable number of sales.

There’s a ton of information out there on the internet and it took me a while before I could come up with a workflow. I came across some very interesting Amazon Merch Chrome extensions that actually worked for me.

Amazon Merch Chrome Extensions I Use

These are the extensions I use when doing my research or uploading items to Amazon Merch.

#1 DS Amazon Quick View

DS Amazon Quick View is a productivity extension which adds ranking and sellers to the Amazon website. DS Amazon Quick View displays the Best Seller Ranking (BSR) number Amazon has assigned to an item.

Why would you need the BSR number? You can use it to find niches, designs, and topics that are selling well on Amazon.

DS Amazon Quick View
DS Amazon Quick View

When the BSR number is low, it means the item is selling well. When it is high, it means the items are essentially not making any considerable number of sales.

DS Amazon Quick View allows you to use the BSR numbers to lock down which shirts are selling well. You can make sales by focusing your designs on that particular niche.

To have an idea of what people are looking for, search niches with low BSR numbers. The next step is to add more designs in that category. Avoid copying any of the stuff. Be creative and come up with your own designs.

#2 AMZ Suggestion Expander

Apart from knowing which items sell using the BSR number, you might also want to look into the keywords that were used to rank in that particular niche. AMZ Suggestion Expander lets you do just that. Here’s how:

On the Amazon homepage, type a word related to the item you’re thinking of selling. Let’s say Croatia. AMZ Suggestion Expander will then let you know the keywords/phrases that people use when they search for that item. You can find out which keywords people used before (red column) and after (green column) your search keyword (Croatia). You will also see the default alternatives that Amazon comes up with. This gives you plenty of ideas on what keywords to use in your listing.

AMZ Suggestion Expander
AMZ Suggestion Expander

#3 Merch Tools

When you have a significant volume of shirts added to Amazon, it’s quite hard to search for a particular item you’d like to do some edits on. You may have to go through several pages before you can get to that one item. Under such circumstances, Merch Tools comes in handy.

Once you have Merch Tools installed, you can click on Merch Tools extension, go to quick editor then type in a keyword in the search bar to locate the item you’d like to do some edits on, make the amends and save it. You’re done! It’s that easy. This extension has saved me tons of time and effort in my experience of using it.

#4 Merch Buddy

The final Amazon Merch Chrome Extension that I use when I’m uploading shirts is Merch Buddy. This is one of my favorite extensions. There are quite some features in Merch Buddy but, to make the long story short, the best feature is the fact that it speeds up your upload process.

When you are in tier 100, you can upload 25 shirts a day. When you are in tier 500, you can do 50 a day. If you are doing all that manually, uploading items one by one, it’s going to take a long time to upload all the items.

What Merch Buddy does is, it lets you copy and paste text from the previous listings. So, if you have 10 variations of the same design, say a sweatshirt, a hoodie, one for men, one for women and so on, you can copy and paste the product details using Merch Buddy Chrome extension.

Merch Buddy
Merch Buddy

Merch Buddy literally adds these Copy and Paste buttons to your Add product Details page and makes it so much easier for you. This speeds up your process 10-20 times. It only takes me a couple of hours to upload my 50 shirts in a single day.

You can get this extension for $30. It’s the only one in the list that is not free but it’s probably the most valuable one out there.

These four Amazon Merch Chrome Extensions are what I’ve used to speed up my process of adding my listings to Amazon. These have worked wonderfully for me in terms of saving time in research and uploading my products to Amazon. This is exactly how I got to tier 500 and sold 272 shirts last month.

To everyone who is reading this, stay motivated! Stay committed and you’ll see the results. I had four months of pretty low results on Merch by Amazon but it shot up last month. Stay consistent and you’ll see the results. Keep working. All you need is patience, motivation, commitment, and consistency.

Have you got any chrome extensions you use yourself that you found really valuable in progressing through Merch by Amazon? Let me know in the comments section.

If you’d like to learn more about starting up with Merch By Amazon, then download the free Amazon Merch Getting Started guide here.